Top 5 Beauty Trends to watch out for this season!

Makeup and Beauty

From retro makeup trends- glitter to sleek, poker straight hair and flushed skin, here is a well-rounded guide listing out all the major beauty trends to try out!

Graphic Eyeliner

Bored of the winged eyeliner? Be a little risky and try something outside the lines! Inspired by geometric shapes and patterns, Graphic Eyeliner seems to be a versatile yet bold beauty craze. Quirky and all fun, this edgy makeup trick surely does bring out the design fanatic in you.

Graphic eyeliner

Color-blocked Lids

Go bold or go home- that is 2017’s eye makeup mantra! This season is all about pop colors! Get ready to see bold pops of hues worn in fiery blends and chunky stripes across the upper lids.

color blocked lids

Metallic Nails

Adding the much-needed punch, Metallic Nails are the perfect way to quirk up your Spring Summer look! From metallic tones to mirror effect nails, this million dollar look can be created by using a number of stunning shades.

metallc nails

Holographic Makeup

This year, Holographic is the new black! A rather bold makeup trend, this iridescence, ultra-highlight makeup trend brings closer to a total unicorn-alien potential! From lipsticks, polish, eye shades, even makeup brushes- witness a spin-off in beauty picks featuring other-worldly, multi-dimensional rainbow of prismatic hues.

Holographic makeup

Pin Straight Hair

Sleek, clean and not-a-stray-in-sight pin straight hair is back and better than ever, pushing out the wavy lock to the background! From Beyonce’s waist-kissing braided ponytail to the Kardashian’s super-long, poker straight manes, long hair is going to rule this year’s hairstyle trend list!

long hair


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