Timeless wardrobe essentials to brave through the winter-to-spring transition!


It is again that time of the year when the weather forecast turns as confusing as our daily style rut!

While the arrival of spring is always a welcome delight, dressing for the transitional season often becomes a dreadful challenge for most of us.

So, instead of scrambling your wardrobe for something to wear- save time by including these three timeless closet essentials to sport a rocking style during the ‘not quite winter, not quite spring’ season.


No other piece of clothing can be as versatile as the Chambrays! With a little weight to it, this all-season attire makes for a better transitional option than the usual lightweight oxfords.

They have a range of separates to choose from- shirts, shirt dresses, maxi dresses and tops, lightweight jackets…

It is the kind of clothing you only need to invest in once!

Check out these Chambray inspirations and pick your own statement garb!


chambray 1


Long and flowy shrugs

Shrugs with length and flare aren’t exactly revolutionary but when it comes to transitional dressing, these statement cover-ups does add up the oomph to the overall look.

They score brownie points further for being lightweight, versatile and polished. Wear them with a shorts+tee combo.

long shrug 1

Layer them on your sundresses…

long shrug 3

Or simply throw an ankle length shrug over any formal or casual attire now and then to warm up or cool off.

long shrug 2

Long sleeve dresses
Can’t resist the urge to wear those pretty dresses that you bought last year?

But the bigger struggle is wearing them while trying to save oneself from the freaky ‘hot-to-cold-to-cold-to-sweaty’ weather which, all the more, makes it a much unappealing thought!

Well, we have an easy resort to this never-ending problem that kills two birds with one stone! When you want to wear a dress with no tights, a long sleeve dress is your answer.

To cut the boredom, try on quirky necklines like turtlenecks.

long sleeve dress 1

Funky silhouettes like asymmetrical hemlines…


Or raise the mercury by channeling your inner bold by wearing a sheer dress paired with an oversized denim jacket or a cardigan.

long sleeve dress 2


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