Top Denim Styles to accentuate your lower body


Jeans are essentials in every woman’s wardrobe. But do you know which denim cuts and styles can help you achieve that ‘oh-so-desirable’ svelte frame?

Decoding this mystery is well… almost like solving the Beal Conjecture! You ask why? To be honest, a lot can go wrong and in the same way, it takes a lot of digging for things to go right! We all deserve to feel confident in our jeans and flatter our frame! Here’s a simple denim guide to simplify your search…

If you’re pear shaped… They are usually bottom-heavy , carrying most of the weight in the hips, rear and thighs. Ideally you should search for mid-rise denims to get a balanced style. Not only will it flatter your shape but it will also elongate your legs. Also, moderate skinnies can also work wonders for your well-rounded frame. This streamlined fit creates a sleek look that will flatter your curvy zone. Better that you steer away from wearing those super high-waisted jeans at all costs– they will shorten your legs and create a dis-proportioning effect.

midrise for pear shaped

If you’re curvy… Girls with curvier frame needs to be careful when selecting denim styles for their body type. Make sure you show off your curves by opting for a pair that hugs your assets hiding your not-so-favorite features. Even the right kind of denim wash and shade can do the trick. Go for stretchable fits in darker tones which are specifically crafted for curvier figures that lets you choose your jeans depending on how curvy you are. If you’ve a small waist with wide waist you can rock the high-waisted trouser look because the cut will accentuate and flatter your tiny middle area.

curvy women jeans

If you’re apple shaped… The biggest problem area of an apple shaped body is their torso that tends to carry most of the weight. Choose a fit that has a straight leg so that it shows off your assets, but without making you look middle-heavy. Keep away from wearing super skinny, tight fit and avoid high-waisted trousers–which will draw negative attention to your middle area.

straight jeans for apple

If you’re hour-glass… Feel blessed if you have an hour-glass frame for it is the most desired body type and in order to look and feel great in your ‘perfect body’, accentuate your assets by wearing the right denim fit. Well, with a frame like that you can make just about any cut work but it’s important to show off your curves the right way, and skinnies will highlight your curves. Give your tiny waist a lift by wearing a pair of wide-legged trouser denim and make sure it isn’t too low rise, or you might be exposing a little too much of your curves every time you sit down. Also, try wearing a skinny leg style that has a contoured waist and is made from a stretchable material to add oomph to your slender hip and rear.

hourglass denim

If you have a petite build… Try a pair of jeans that lengthens your legs like a long, super skinny cut that will show off your tiny figure and curves, while a pair of high-waisted trousers will create the illusion of height and length. To attain an elongated look team your attire with a pair of heeled wedges. Steer clear of low-rise as well as baggy styled jeans to prevent looking stumpy and slouchy.

petite denim

If you’re tall… Thank your stars for having a lanky and lean build, go ahead and show off those gorgeous gams. Be the leggy lass by sporting a low-rise pair to get your shape proportion, and a high-rise style will make your legs look like they go on for days (which is never, ever a bad thing). Flaunt your long legs in denims available in different cuts and fits starting from a trouser style, a balanced boot cut, flared jeans, or an ultra skinny fit. Just make sure you enhance your best features.

denim for tall girls

If you have an athletic shape… The problem with athletic structure is that they often look straight without any curves. But that should not stop you from showing off your muscly limbs. In your case, the best bet is to create curves while evening out your shape at the same time. Bootcut or flared denims which are fitted around the thighs and bum, but a little more relaxed around the calves and ankles would give you that longer and leaner look while offering the illusion of a curvier figure.

athletic women denim


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