Beach Essential for Men!


Headed to the seashore? Here’s our Beach Bible! An essential beach ready packing list to help you with everything that you’ll need for a relaxed yet stylish beach getaway.Hit the shore in style lads!

Your ultimate beach getaway begins with a pair of striking yet relaxed swim shorts- not too long not too short!

beach essential for men shorts

Look every inch dapper in this breathable striped cotton jersey t-shirt. Versatile in its own way, you’ll be needing this casual yet stylish stud whether you’re migrating from your hotel room to the pool or from the tiki bar to the buffet!

beach essential for men striped tee

Summer Vacations are just an excuse to walk anywhere in comfy and bendable footwear. Grab a pair of flipflops and enjoy strolls full of comfort and content!

beach essential for men flipflops

Now that your body is covered, it’s time for your eyes! Pick all your fav glare styles to match with your everyday outfits!

beach essential for men shades

Cover your head to save yourself from the scorching beach heat while sporting a cool casual vibe! Consider picking something like a panama hat or a fish hat to sport an uber-cool look out and about.

beach essential for men hat

In order to carry rest of your beach essentials, you need a great bag! A sturdy carrier that is big enough to hold all your beachy essentials in one stylish container.

beach essential for men backpack

If your goal is to turn heads at the beach, you would surely want to carry these! A towel for those shirtless moments and a sun tan oil to save your skin from getting burnt in the heat.

beach essential for men suntan lotion


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