Orange Blast for Spring- Ways to Wear Orange


Sometimes, a bold colour is all you need as the only accessory. Come this spring/summer, you won’t have an option but to add one of the season’s bursting hues of tangerine to your wardrobe!

Ways to Wear Orange- #Look1

Don’t know how to carry an orange piece? Fret not ladies! How about adding pops of tangerine to your outfit? Sounds smart isn’t it?

orange 1

Ways to Wear Orange- #Look2

The tangerine hue is a great way to liven up your bland and boring work-wear! Take cues from this co-ord combo- blue white floral skirt topped with a tangerine dipped crop top! Stellar combo!

orange 2

Ways to Wear Orange- #Look3

Perfect dive into the tangerine hue! Channel your bold self by wearing this chic orange dress. Don’t forget to tone down the look with darker accessories.

orange 3


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