Wear the cropped skinny jeans right!


Gurlzz are totally obsessed with skinny cropped jeans! These super-chic, flattering lowers give you that slim silhouette, a cut just above the ankle and a lil bit of kick out at the base. Pair up with the kind of shoes to lengthen your legs and see how this wonderful silhouette works for you!

The sporty chic look

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again! There’s just no getting away from the Crop Top trend! The midriff baring craze is going big this summer! Spoil yourself a lil more by throwing it over a cropped skinny jeans and show off your sporty chic swagger.


The glam doll look

Couple your ankle length jeans with a waist flattering Peplum top and there you go striking the right sartorial chords! Pair up your outfit with towering heels and the right arm candy and there you go…all set to create some explosive style statement.


The fashion forward corporate babe look

Ankle grazing jeans when worn with a tucked-in formal shirt, topped off with a tailored blazer makes for a real dressier look! Wear this polished style with your fav pair of stilettos. (Pic Courtesy- Chictopia)



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