Denim Essentials this Spring/Summer


With the arrival of the sweltering season, we’re reassessing the basics- namely denim. With a nod to favourite classics and heed to this season’s newest trends, here’s a compilation of the must-have denim finds that we recommend you to wear nonstop this Spring/Summer!

A pair of white denim
Nothing signals the start of Summer quite like a pair of white jeans! No, we are not subscribing to the white-denim rules, but nothing feels quite as seasonal as a pair of crisp white jeans and a t-shirt.  These are classics that can be worn anytime, anywhere!


Denim Cutoffs
You just get the summers to pull out your fav cutoffs, so embrace the trend ladies! If worn the right way, cutoffs inspire classic, cool style with a bit of oomph.


Denim Overalls
Pay heed that denim overall is officially a thing! They are no longer just about styling up with laid back sneakers and this shorter version is so much cooler than the ones we wore in middle school!


Denim Vest
Here’s the denim vest’s latest iteration! A sleeveless throw-it-on-anything summer staple! This season’s new essential, a denim vest gives you that little tough look, not over-the-top and also has the ability to temper down any of your girlier pieces.


Denim Jumpsuits
Hurl into the limelight by sporting this season’s perpetual fashion hit- Denim Jumpsuits! As one of the easiest ‘fits-to-sport’, this statement piece requires only one thing- accessorizing with great imagination depending on the occasion- just make sure it is made of soft, lightweight Chambray material that snugly grazes each curve- match it with the right bag, killer shoes and shades to sport a cool vibe. Cinch your waist with a belt to finish the look.



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