Smart ways to wear neon to work!


The pulsating neon hues are this Spring/summer season’s prime fashion catch! How about adding some neon punch to your work wardrobe? Here’s how to ace the trend:-

Combine with a subtle print/pattern

The pop colour trend is a great way to liven up your bland and boring office outfits! But you gotta do it cautiously or you may be in danger of looking like a walking bottle of pepto! Pick an electric hue that suits your skin tone the most and pair it with a subtle print/pattern to right away add pizzazz to your look.


Pick small pops of colour

Neon pops are in full effect, from glowing nails to blazing satchels, saturated hues like fluorescent orange, green, yellow, pink, coral are super inspiring! Opt for small pops of colour to turn your plain work outfits interesting. Wearing neon dipped nails or chunky accessories, pairing up electric hued handbags or footwear, wearing neon coloured sports bra underneath a lightweight summer top are smart neon additions to perk up your work attire.



Neon with white/neutral shades

Combining neon with white or lighter shades like beige both kicks up the neutral and tones down the neon! For instance, a pair of hot pink pants paired with white separates makes for a clean and contemporary office look.



Blaze it off with a neon blazer

This is definitely the best way to wear neon and is my personal fav too! A super easy throw together way to sport neon at work- Match eye popping NEONLICIOUS blazers with your usual work wear to create classic professional outfits.



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