Isn’t it something we struggle to achieve on a daily basis? To look good, to stand out of the horde, to be the cynosure of every gathering?

Over the years, Style has been defined by many people, in many ways; it has always been a ‘to-each-his-own’ approach! Some are blind Fashion slaves, some believe in playing with the existing trends, adding their own touch while there’s also the free spirited clan- Style to them is more like food for thought!

I prefer style in its most unchaste form… style that we get to see in the streets- without airbrush makeup and ramp-ready styling…the raw, the punk, the girly, the dapper… all of them makes for a great sartorial experience!

Yes folks, some times the best sartorial inspiration comes from the best-dressed gents and ladies knocking about in the world streets! From impeccable style to absurd eccentricities, What’s Chic is an ode to looking good that aims at exploring and capturing the best and chicest trends raging the global fashion scene! Bonus, get some street smart downloads too!



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